JA-160PC Draadloze PIR met kleurencamera


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The JA-160PC
The JA-160PC camera takes color photos with a resolution of up to 640 x 480 pixels by detecting human movement while the system is turned on. The camera is equipped with a visible flash for taking photos in the dark. The images are stored in the internal memory of the detector and then they are transmitted to the control panel. From the control panel they can be sent to an external storage device, monitoring station and a user. The detector can also take a photo on command if it is necessary (e.g. fire alarm confirmation). In the MyJablotron App the photos are also an option to take a photo remotely. • Power supply: 2 AA (LR6) 1.5 V 2400 mAh alkaline batteries • Typical lifespan: approx. 2 years (1 activation takes 1 series of photos per day) • Recommended mounting height: 2.5 m above the floor • Detection angle / detection range : 55 ° / 12 m (basic lens) • Flash range: max. 3 meters • Camera resolution: LQ 320 x 240; HQ 640 x 480 pixels • Photo format LQ / HQ (typical): 2-10 kB / 2-64 kB (6 kB / 35 kB) • EN 50131-1 • Operational temperature range: -10 To +40 ° C • Photo transmission time on the control panel: 10secF • Photo transmission time from the control panel: up to 130sec • Class II

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